how to redeem from bubblewsAs you know, bubblews is a cool way to make money online by writing blog articles, short stories or even poem. Since the last time I mentioned about bubblews and how my sister earned money as a newbie, a lot of people have joined bubblews and started to make money online.

Now most recently my brother, who is also working in this website have made a redemption request. Now in this post I would like to share the steps needed to redeem from bubblews.

In order to earn money from bubble website, you have to write short posts in English. The posts needed to be original, no obscene or no copy paste. For every like, comment and view, you will earn roughly $0.01 (1 cent) after you make $50 or more in your account, you will be able to redeem/withdraw money. [Click here to read the full article...]

teen with laptop making money onlineMake money online is the favorite topic for any one specially for teenagers who always want to look something they love to do and to make some extra cash. Teenagers look for those sources which are easy to do, have adventure and the source where they have to invest little to no money. Thanks to the world of Internet where you can find lots of opportunities and make money online. You can do all this staying at home.

Here are the 10 Ways for Teens to Make Money Online & Adults Too!

1. Writing articles to make money

You can start writing articles on anything you like and make money online. This is by far the quickest way for a teen or an adult to make money online. You don’t have to write an article like the news writers write, you can write small blog posts and post them online. The good thing is that you do not have to invest any money to make money by writing. There are tons of sites online that let you join for free and make money writing. [Click here to read the full article...]

bubble paymentMy sister, who is a newbie in online earning, earned $51 in 15 days from an article writing site called Bubblews. If you want to know if bubblews pays or not, I can tell you with confidence, yes bubblews pays. What surprises me, my sister who is a complete beginner in online writing and money making stuff, earned money so quickly!

She earned 51 bucks which is equivalent to 4,000 Bangladesh Taka. I gave her a target to reach at least TK 1,000 a month but she did 4k in half the time, bravo!

So how did she do that?

Well bubblews is an article writing website where you have to write short blog posts about anything you like. Then they will pay you for every view, likes and comments on these posts. They pay roughly 1 cent per view, like & comment you get. You will get paid when you reach the redemption limit of $50. [Click here to read the full article...]

earn extra money from your blogThere are many ways to earn money from a blog or website. One of the most common ways is to put a banner up and make money from it. Now there is a problem with this traditional monetization method. Banners are getting obvious just like television ads and regular internet users are ignoring it. They are not even looking at the banners anymore.

If you are a website owner and would like to cope up with this situation, then there is a new way you can make money without annoying your visitors. I will share a new way to earn money from your blog. And if you are already making money from it, here’s how to earn extra money from your website. You can do this by presenting contextual ads.

Contextual ads will turn a few words from your website page, blog article or a forum thread into an interactive ad. When people will click on it, you will make money from it. [Click here to read the full article...]