bubble paymentMy sister, who is a newbie in online earning, earned $51 in 15 days from an article writing site called Bubblews. If you want to know if bubblews pays or not, I can tell you with confidence, yes bubblews pays. What surprises me, my sister who is a complete beginner in online writing and money making stuff, earned money so quickly!

She earned 51 bucks which is equivalent to 4,000 Bangladesh Taka. I gave her a target to reach at least TK 1,000 a month but she did 4k in half the time, bravo!

So how did she do that?

Well bubblews is an article writing website where you have to write short blog posts about anything you like. Then they will pay you for every view, likes and comments on these posts. They pay roughly 1 cent per view, like & comment you get. You will get paid when you reach the redemption limit of $50. [Click here to read the full article...]

earn extra money from your blogThere are many ways to earn money from a blog or website. One of the most common ways is to put a banner up and make money from it. Now there is a problem with this traditional monetization method. Banners are getting obvious just like television ads and regular internet users are ignoring it. They are not even looking at the banners anymore.

If you are a website owner and would like to cope up with this situation, then there is a new way you can make money without annoying your visitors. I will share a new way to earn money from your blog. And if you are already making money from it, here’s how to earn extra money from your website. You can do this by presenting contextual ads.

Contextual ads will turn a few words from your website page, blog article or a forum thread into an interactive ad. When people will click on it, you will make money from it. [Click here to read the full article...]

Most recently PayPal has expanded their services to Nigeria and 9 other countries in the world. Right now PayPal serves more than 200 countries worldwide.

If you are from Nigeria and looking for a way to open a PayPal account, you can now go straight to the website and on the sign up process you can select Nigeria from the drop down menu. You must link a bank account in order to fully verify your account which I think will be an easy task if you have one.

You can also link a US bank account for faster withdrawals because Payoneer Mastercard has a virtual US bank account able to receive funds.

paypal in nigeria [Click here to read the full article...]

online earning in bangladesh bdIf you are living in Bangladesh, then you must have been following the online earning revolution happening in BD. The govt. of Bangladesh is focusing on the new billion dollar industry of e-working. The slogan of the current elected party, Awami League is “Digital Bangladesh.”

In this article I am going to answer some of the top questions related to online earning in Bangladesh. I will also share on what you need to know in order to earn some good money online.

In our country we do not have e-payments option available so it is still foggy when it comes to doing business online. I will share some suggestions, some common questions that I get all the time and how you can start your own internet career.

Before I continue,

Internet marketing or the online money making scene is NOT A HYPE!

It is real, and I am earning a fulltime living staying at home since 2008. I even helped a lot of people from my network to start online and earn money online.

If you are looking for some easy and temporary solution to earn money, then please close this page.

Online earning is not for you. [Click here to read the full article...]

Earn Money Online Free By Typing articlesThere are many online earning jobs on the internet you can join and earn money. One of them is where you get to earn money online free by typing or writing articles. If you are a good writer and have good typing skills, you can easily write a few articles every day and earn a good monthly income from home.

These are some of popular online earning jobs anyone can take and can perform from home. In this article I will be sharing some of the top revenue sharing websites where you can join and earn money online free by typing. These sites that I will be talking about are easy to use and does not require any special skills to earn money. Anyone with some basic English experience can join and earn. This makes it one of the easiest ways to earn money online. These sites are free to join so you can earn money without any investments. [Click here to read the full article...]

earn money onlineInternet is filled with lots of opportunities of online earning. With the internet you can earn money online and not just a few bucks, you can earn a living. Here I will outline some of the surefire ways to earn money on the internet.

Earn Money Online as a Freelancer

This is one of my favorite ways to earn good money on the internet. What I do is to offer my services for other people. If you can setup websites, then set one up for yourself and list that you are available to setup website for others. Charge the client by hour or by per website. You then have to network with some people on the internet. Use groups in facebook, linkedin and twitter. Don’t just post an ad, network with people and solve their problems. Once they like you, they will checkout your service and hire you. They will also recommend to their friends if you do a good job. Read more about earning money online as a freelancer. [Click here to read the full article...]

earn money from blogThere are so many usual tips on earning money online and a whole lot of them are currently resting on my blog, now here I’m going to share a few tips that will help you earn even more money from your blog. The first one has to deal with monetizing your blog.

Well you should not monetize your blog.

Wait, is this a SPEED BREAKER? Yeah this is a strategy. When you start your blog, try to build the content and don’t put any ads on your blog for at least 4-6 months. Promote your blog and add more useful content. When you will do this, people will see that this blogger is not monetizing his blog and will get more interested in reading your blog. People will connect with you and ask you for advertise on your blog. This way when you will open up the ads on your blog after 6 months (when you will have a good readership and a page rank) you will start getting ad offers and make even more money from your blog. [Click here to read the full article...]

adsense wireHello my friends how are you doing? I am happy and excited to share that I got my first adsense payment through bank wire transfer, here in my bank in Bangladesh. By the way this is not the first time I am earning from adsense, you can check out my adsense check here.

It was my first time receiving money through the bank wire method. Most recently Bangladesh banks have declined to accept checks from Adsense, so google opened Wire transfer and EFT (electronic funds transfer) for Bangladeshi adsense publishers.

Well both the Wire and EFT are electronic, but the fundamental difference is that in EFT you will have to verify your bank account with test amounts. Good that I got wire option and I added my bank as soon as I had the chance. However there was a BIG HASSLE when trying to get the funds in my account. [Click here to read the full article...]

odesk profile fix upI’m a blogger and I also work at odesk as a freelance provider and I earn a good income as a freelancer. After writing posts on odesk, many of my friends joined odesk and I can say that by checking my odesk referrals page. Now everyday I receive questions about how to get a job on odesk and how to get things started? So I took a look at few profiles of the people who were referred by me, to see if they are doing it right? And I thought lets dedicate a post on how to create a better odesk profile.

Basic Info, Title and Profile Picture

People who show their face at their odesk profile, have more chance of getting work. You have to write your full name (better!) that appears on the top of your portfolio. After that the title text that describes yourself and what you’re providing in one line. [Click here to read the full article...]

odesk logoMy in depth odesk review for beginners which got featured in odesk newsletter. Want to earn money online freelancing? Then read this post & apply today.

On May 2009, one of my twitter follower asked me if I can help him out designing a website for his company. I lost that opportunity because of a portfolio and then I decided to create my own web design website. But it was very hard to create a portfolio and then to get real clients.

One day I came across a website called odesk. I was amazed by people who were earning 10 dollars an hour. I had it in mind that, yes I want to work and earn $10/hour. [Click here to read the full article...]