adsense wireHello my friends how are you doing? I am happy and excited to share that I got my first adsense payment through bank wire transfer, here in my bank in Bangladesh. By the way this is not the first time I am earning from adsense, you can check out my adsense check here.

It was my first time receiving money through the bank wire method. Most recently Bangladesh banks have declined to accept checks from Adsense, so google opened Wire transfer and EFT (electronic funds transfer) for Bangladeshi adsense publishers.

Well both the Wire and EFT are electronic, but the fundamental difference is that in EFT you will have to verify your bank account with test amounts. Good that I got wire option and I added my bank as soon as I had the chance. However there was a BIG HASSLE when trying to get the funds in my account. [Click here to read the full article...]

odesk profile fix upI’m a blogger and I also work at odesk as a freelance provider and I earn a good income as a freelancer. After writing posts on odesk, many of my friends joined odesk and I can say that by checking my odesk referrals page. Now everyday I receive questions about how to get a job on odesk and how to get things started? So I took a look at few profiles of the people who were referred by me, to see if they are doing it right? And I thought lets dedicate a post on how to create a better odesk profile.

Basic Info, Title and Profile Picture

People who show their face at their odesk profile, have more chance of getting work. You have to write your full name (better!) that appears on the top of your portfolio. After that the title text that describes yourself and what you’re providing in one line. [Click here to read the full article...]

odesk logoMy in depth odesk review for beginners which got featured in odesk newsletter. Want to earn money online freelancing? Then read this post & apply today.

On May 2009, one of my twitter follower asked me if I can help him out designing a website for his company. I lost that opportunity because of a portfolio and then I decided to create my own web design website. But it was very hard to create a portfolio and then to get real clients.

One day I came across a website called odesk. I was amazed by people who were earning 10 dollars an hour. I had it in mind that, yes I want to work and earn $10/hour. [Click here to read the full article...]

teen with laptop making money onlineMake money online is the favorite topic for any one specially for teenagers who always want to look something they love to do and to make some extra cash. Teenagers look for those sources which are easy to do, have adventure and the source where they have to invest little to no money. Thanks to the world of Internet where you can find lots of opportunities and make money online. You can do all this staying at home. See how Chloe makes money online at a young age:

Here are the 10 Ways for Teens to Make Money Online,

With a website/blog

Setting up a website or blog is the best way to earn money online. Register for a hosting account you can also see the guide that I provide on setting up your first money making website with step by step guide. Once you have one, start blogging and bring visitors to your site.

1. Pay Per Click

You run a blog for fun. It could be on any topic you like. Once you have enough visitors in your blog/ website, you can monetize it with pay per click advertisement. You just have to sign up as a publisher and then you have to put the ads on your blog. When a visitor clicks on your ad, you will get an amount of profit, that’s it.

You can put your focus on your blog and let the income grow. This is the best and easy model to make money online not just for teenagers, but for all webmasters. A very popular PPC service is google adsense, and there are lots of them like, Bidvertiser, Yahoo publisher network, Crisp ads etc. Its free to join and earn. [Click here to read the full article...]

earn money with paid reviewsWhen I first started blogging, I was looking for ways to earn money from my blog. I came across to the concept of paid reviews. A paid review is when you take money for writing about a product, service or a website. Back in 2008 it was so popular and there were a bunch of different websites offering paid review opportunities.

I came across with PayPerPost –which was one of the popular paid review sites. Popular because unlike others, they supported new and smaller blogs to get accepted and earn money online.

Anyways my first paid review was from LinkWorth –another web advertising platform, and they also have paid review options. I wrote my first 200 word sponsored post and it earned me $5. I was excited because it was the first big money I earned online. That website paid me $3.50 for that review when I learned that the earning will be split into 70/30. This means for every dollar I make, linkworth (the marketplace) will take 30% and leave 70% for me.

When I went to PayPerPost (PPP) and created an account they didn’t have this revenue sharing and it allowed me to keep 100% of what I earn from them.

When I signed up for a paid review account, [Click here to read the full article...]

ptc-scamEarn 10 dollar for every single click, online money earning has never been so easy! It’s a like a PTC heaven. You know PTC is Paid To Click and you earn a small cut for every valid click you make.

But recently the whole world has fallen for earn ten dollar per click, thanks to sites like FinePTC and TenDollarClick. Now you can easily bank thousands of dollars in no time.

Wake up from the dream! I received a comment on my blog from a lady who asked me if FinePTC that pays $10 per click, scam or real? Later I received a phone call from a relative, who is also a reader of my blog asking the same question. (Much said about PTC here)

So I took some time to do the research and come up with a valid statement. Here’s what said in that call: [Click here to read the full article...]

bidvertiserI’ve been signed up for Bidvertiser since I started working online but didn’t put much importance in this pay per click website. They paid me recently (see the proof) and this is why I am so excited with this platform. Bidvertiser is just like Google Adsense and here you can get some ads to put on your website. You will be getting paid when someone clicks on the ad. This is a cool for you can earn money online.

You can read this article where I have written about Google Adsense

It’s easy to sign up for Bidvertiser. Go and sign for your free publisher account. Once you’re approved, you can start putting ads on your page and earn money. To get started, click on, “Add a new bidvertiser” tab and add your website URL. Now one website can’t be registered in two accounts and each ad for each websites can’t be placed on different website.

You have to choose a category of your website and this will show up adds relevant to that category.

Once you’re done, you can click on the “template” to choose the ad format, color and style. Click on “Get code” to get your ad code.

Here are the reasons why it’s a better alternative to adsense, [Click here to read the full article...]

earn money with google adsenseThere are many ways to earn money online but for the true success, you have to be patient and wait till your blog/website grows. Blogging success depends on your visitors, the sort of your visitors and your technique.

Google AdSense is a great publisher program that allows new bloggers to earn money from their blog. Many people are earning $1,000+ from their blog just from adsense. Adsense is a nice program for beginners who have just started their blog and have less traffic.

By the way you can also see that Online Earning King is monetized with google adsense.

Google adsense is the easiest way to start earning money online from your blog. You just have to add the ad codes in your blog and wait for your visitors to click on them. For each valid click, you will make an amount of money. [Click here to read the full article...]

In my last massive article I have shared so many online earning sites. Now making money online is a favorite topic among internet users, students, teenagers & many people for one huge reason, it pays to stay at home and no need to maintain office hours. This is why I recommend people to go online and learn how to earn using the internet.

In this fresh new article I will be sharing 10 new opportunities of online earning. In my past article I have shared the sites that are free and require no investment to join. On this article however I will be sharing some advanced ways of making money, some of which will require some investment to build on. So once you have passed the first round and made some money online, or you have some money you can invest in, get started! So here goes 10 new online earning opportunities you can try. [Click here to read the full article...]

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So How To Get a Free Master Card From Bangladesh or Pakistan? Get your own free mastercard in just 3 steps: [Click here to read the full article...]