Clickbank Tutorial 2 - How to Promote Clickbank Products with a WebsiteOn the last clickbank tutorial, I shared how to use clickbank affiliate program and get started with your products to promote. If you missed that previous article, you can read that post first. Now here in this new post I am going to teach you how to promote clickbank products with a website.

In order to make money with clickbank, you have to make sales. If you do not get any sales, you will never make any money. So you have to promote the products in various digital channels.

I am going to outline some of the most effective ways to promote clickbank products online and make sales, among them the most effective one is promoting with a website.

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clickbank tutorial 1Clickbank is a leading marketplace for digital goods. You can join clickbank affiliate program for free and then start to make money by promoting a wide variety of products. The way you make money with clickbank is, first you choose a product, and then you take your affiliate link. Then you have to promote the products through your personal promotional channels. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission.

Commission ranges are upto 75% in clickbank. This means if you sell a $100 item, you will be making $75 with a 75% commission rate.

Click Bank sells digital products and this is why they are able to provide such high rate of commissions. Here in this clickbank tutorial I will share you step by step instructions on how to use clickbank affiliate program.

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bubblew got banned from bangladeshYes Bangladesh has been banned from Bubblews. If you are from Bangladesh you should see that you cannot log in to your bubblews account from your current BD IP address. It’s official, Bangladeshi users have been black listed and are unable to participate.

It’s not long ago when I shared that how my sister earned $51 in 15 days and right after few months, the whole country has been banned.

And do you know who is responsible for this ban? It’s me. Yes I am the reason why bubblews has banned Bangladesh.

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payoneer card featuresI am using the Payoneer MasterCard for many years and I must say it has changed the way I work online. All the money that I have made online and done business with clients across the world, wouldn’t have been possible without Payoneer.

So for your information, Payoneer issues a physical international MasterCard which you can hold in your hand. Your name will be embossed into it and you can use it around the world. I live in Bangladesh and I use this card to withdraw my online earnings from the ATM just 100 yards away from me.

So if you want to have a Payoneer card and would like to know how to apply online, please follow this article. All the steps and important information regarding the process can be found over there.

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