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My google adsense payment, you can read more about it here

Hi and welcome to Online Earning King, your one stop destination for internet earning opportunities. This probably is your first time visiting this site. You may already know me if you have arrived here from my other blog or facebook profile –hey thanks for visiting! For them who don’t know me from my blog, my name is Tamal Anwar and I am a fulltime internet worker.

I started my online journey on 2007 empty handed. I earned a good amount online and also shared & inspired people around me to work on the internet.

The reason I started working online was simply because I wanted to live a better life. It allows me to stay at my home wearing anything and still be able to generate an income. Most of these online earning websites pay in United States dollars. Since I live in Asia (Bangladesh), the exchange rate of US dollar is high in my local currency. I am able to earn 80 times higher than someone working on a regular day job just because of the exchange rate.

Living around Asia (in our economy) like India, Pakistan or Thailand the cost of living is so cheap. This is why Tim Ferriss from Four Hour Work Week has built a business around the internet while living in low maintenance countries.

I was about to mention “cheap” country, in the earlier paragraph but it doesn’t justifies the situation. I am better off calling my country a “Low Maintenance Country” –because things are so better and people are so nice here.

Anyways I am working online and I have used majority of these online earning opportunities. I know what works and what doesn’t. In the last 5-6 years working online (that’s like 20 years in the real world) I have worked, tested in almost every sector of the internet marketing arena. LOL, I have seen a website where a reader of mine wrote about me; he mentions me as an online veteran (link). But the truth is, I am still learning and I love to share my findings.

Free Money

Yes you can earn money without investment

I have tried free online earning sites. In fact most of the earning sites are free to join, and you can earn money online without investment. Some of these sites generate money slowly, and some generate faster.

The sites do require some work, time, skills and dedication. It will take effort to get started. In the beginning you have to invest a lot of time to learn. Don’t go around doing something without knowing. Learn first, know what you are doing and then do that.

Online Payments

How to accept online payments from foreign clients?

When working online you have to deal with foreign clients. You can earn a good amount of money online by offering services, consultation or selling them digital products. There is this huge speed breaker when it comes to accepting online payments. Most of these buyers from foreign countries will like to pay you through PayPal. PayPal is an internet money gateway and many countries in Asia don’t support it. It is available in India but countries like Nigeria, Bangladesh & Pakistan still has no PayPal service.

In order to accept PayPal money and other major international credit cards, I have used 2checkout. 2CheckOut is an internet merchant service that lets you accept online payments. When you accept the payment the money will be stored in your account that you can withdraw using various means. I highly recommend you go for 2CO when you are going to accept online money from foreign buyers.

Cashing Out

How to get the online money in your hand?

You can earn a lot of money online but if you cannot bring your funds to your pocket, what is the point of earning money online? To solve this issue you can earn money online from sites that send your payment through check. Google adsense sends monthly checks and all you have to do is to bring the check to your local bank account to cash it out. Another popular way for receiving money is by using Payoneer MasterCard.

receive online earnings with mastercard

4 of my mastercards that help me accept online payments + do online shopping.

You can withdraw your money from your local bank ATM machine. Just punch your card just like any other bank card, enter your pin, the amount and get the cash in your local currency. In my country PayPal is not available so Payoneer MasterCard helped me a lot for withdrawing my funds. Most people prefer the MasterCard since it is easy and is cool to have a card. You can sign up for one here. Many of the online earning sites like to pay their members with this debit card.

Online Profession

Online earning, is it a dependable source of income?

People from all over the world are moving to the internet for building businesses. Corporations are spending less and less money every year on TV, Radio and Print ads so they can spend more money on internet advertising. All major industries are moving online and companies are hiring talent online (outsourcing) –so yes internet business has a bright future and is a dependable source for income.

A remote worker can stay at home and work for companies in USA, UK or Australia and earn a handsome living using the internet. You can choose to work at your will by being a freelancer (independent worker) or can wish to build an online business for earning online. People are now moving towards online earning opportunities. Internet has opened opportunity for everyone, so you should not miss it.

Online earning is real (see some proof) but it needs dedication and patience. But once you know how it works and find a work that pays, you will reap the benefits of the laptop lifestyle.

Where To Start?

Ready to learn some killers skills and make money online?

My website is dedicated to you who are getting started and want to earn online. I will guide you to that dream lifestyle.

Tamal Anwar
Author, OnlineEarningKing.Com