How to Earn Even More Money With Your Blog

earn money from blogThere are so many usual tips on earning money online and a whole lot of them are currently resting on my blog, now here I’m going to share a few tips that will help you earn even more money from your blog. The first one has to deal with monetizing your blog.

Well you should not monetize your blog.

Wait, is this a SPEED BREAKER? Yeah this is a strategy. When you start your blog, try to build the content and don’t put any ads on your blog for at least 4-6 months. Promote your blog and add more useful content. When you will do this, people will see that this blogger is not monetizing his blog and will get more interested in reading your blog. People will connect with you and ask you for advertise on your blog. This way when you will open up the ads on your blog after 6 months (when you will have a good readership and a page rank) you will start getting ad offers and make even more money from your blog.

Optimize Your Adsense Ads for Earning

If you are using adsense, then try to make it blend into your content and theme. Add less ad spots on your blog and put them in top. So you will get more clicks and more money. Try filtering the MFA ads using the competitive ad filter option in adsense to keep your ad stream free of low paying ads. Here’s how you can earn money from google adsense.

Sign Up For Many Paid Review Sites

When you sign up for many paid review sites and submit your site on their marketplace, the chances are you will receive regular offers and can post the paid review in your blog. Paid reviews are great way to build content and earn extra money without even using ad space. Here are some paid review sites to earn online.

Offer a Service

Create a section on your blog called “services” where you can offer your services such as consulting, freelancing, photography or logo design. I had a section called Hire Me in my old blog and it had sent so many client toward my web design service. This is a nice way to make even more money from your blog. You can also become a freelance and earn online.

Offer Paid Tweets

Here the key is to create and build a twitter account for your blog. Tweet your posts and useful information. Sign up for paid twittering platforms and you can earn money online from your twitter account. I have cover paid tweets in this blog post.

Donation Button for Online Earning

Many bloggers offer a paypal donation button on their blog. Now they ask for donations in return for their contribution. You can too add a PayPal donation button on your blog and this way your readers can donate you some money and you will earn money.

Put Affiliate Links of The Services You Use

If you are using this service, I’m sure your readers will need this too! Just like I’m using HostGator web host and Thesis Theme, I can put the affiliate links to these sites on my blog. When people will buy using the link, you will earn money online with your blog.

Offer Contextual Ads on Your Blog

Sign up for sites such as LinkWorth, InfoLinks or TextLinkAds and offer contextual ads on your site. This will make the blog post words into clickable link ads and you will earn money for each click.

Want to know more ways you can earn money online? Check them out here.

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