Online Earning Proof – You Can Earn Money Online Without Investment

You wanted to see some online earning proof? Here they are down below. I kept these screenshots when I shared them in my blog but soon after I forgot to collect these. This is why here are just a handful of earning screenshots: (Not in any particular order) Yes you can too earn money online without investment.

Survey Savvy Check: I signed up for SurveySavvy a long time ago but did not used it much. I would fill up some surveys every now and then. They sent me a check of $66 by mail:

survey savvy payment check

My google adsense check: This is my first and only adsense check that I received. My first account was not verified so I used my uncle’s help to get this check. This is why my uncle’s name and his address is printed on it, but it was I who earned it!

online earning adsense_check

Adsense payment via bank wire transfer,

online-earning-king-adsense-earnings (1)

My mastercards: These are 4 of my mastercards that I got from Payoneer. I got them from a couple of online earning sites. In my country Bangladesh paypal is not available, so receiving payments was a tough job. When I got my first master card it changed the way I receive money. I was able to withdraw my online earnings right from the ATM booth next to my home. So right now I have 4 of them and I am happy:

receive online earnings with mastercard

Commission Junction Payment: I got paid through bank transfer. So far I got paid a few times if I can remember,

commission junction payment

Linkworth Payment: This is one of the many payments I got from linkworth. My first paid review was from this site. They paid me through paypal,

linkworth payment

Odesk Payment: And yes this is just one payment out of many from odesk,

odesk payment

Elance payment: I worked for a while in elance and I got this payment,

elance payment

Infolinks payment: This is a one of the many online payments I got from infolinks,


PayPerPost Earnings: This is a screenshot I took from my old pay per post account,

pay per post online earning

The new PayPerPost Payments,

payperpost payment

Loudlaunch earnings: This is a screenshot from my loudlaunch account,

loudlaunch payment

Smorty Earnings: This is the total I earned through this paid review site,

smorty earnings

SocialSpark Earnings: Another paid review site,

social spark earnings

Payoneer refer a friend reward: This is just one of many payments I received as a reward from this program,

payoneer reward online earning

2checkout payment: This is one of the many payments I got from 2checkout,

2checkout payout

TweetAdder Commission: This is one of many commissions that this site sent my way,

tweetadder commission


Clicky affiliate payment: Clicky is a premium stat tracking software and I earned $11 from them,

clicky payment

Squidoo payment: I have earned this small amount from squidoo, but still it’s some green!

squidoo payment

Hostgator payment: I received so many payments like this by referring people to my favorite web hosting company,

hostgator payment

Web hosting affiliate program: I promoted another hosting service and I earned a couple of payments like this,

web hosting payments

Flippa Website Auction: I sold a site on flippa for $300. That site was a 3 months old new website,

flippa website sale

Bidvertiser Payment: Came as a surprise actually, they sent me this green through PayPal, my first money earned from these guys. By the way Bidvertiser is an alternative to adsense,

bidvertiser payment proof

Clixsense payment proof: This is the first time I got paid from clixsense,

clixsense payment

Want to know how to take a screenshot? Watch this video: How to take a screenshot on windows 10, 8, 7 computer 

Stay tuned and check back again as I am going to update this page as I earn more money + find my old earning proofs. If you want to earn big money like me then please check out the earning sites and start working!


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