Online Scams – Four Dollar Click Scam – Get Rich Scams


Internet is tempting for the new user. You may have a friend who knows someone who knows someone who made a lot of money using the internet. Yes it is true that you can make money on the internet and you can build a business around it. I have done this so I can say to you yes it works!

There are get rich schemes and click schemes. Recently a site popped up into my radar, a website that pays 4 dollars for every click. Yes simple you just have to click on the ad; a timer will run for 30 seconds. Keep viewing this website for 30 seconds and BAM! You just made $4 online!

Click on 10 ads and you will make $40. Click on 100 and you just made $400/day. How long will it take for you to make $4,000? Just 10 days. How much you can earn in a month, 12,000 dollars!

Just the time you realize that you were dreaming. Yes seriously, four dollar click or any site that will offer you a dollar for a lousy click is a scam. I have seen them come and go all these years.

Okay let me show you their website and their terms,


See! you will need to buy a membership to be able to withdraw your earnings.

So how much is the membership you say?


Yeiks! $99 EVERY MONTH JUST TO BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW THE MONEY? –yes I had to go full caps!

And when do they pay?


75 days to process your payment and only if you stay with the terms? Good way to rip people off.

Now go again to the purchase page and see how much they charge for advertising on their network,


1000 hits for $10. So that means for every click they charge 1 cent per click. So if they are charging a penny for a click, how they are able to pay you $4 for that click?

I am sure by now 4dollarclick user must be feeling like this,


Wake up my friend! The internet is full of scams like this. Scams like get rich quick and get tons of visitors to your internet website.

By putting together this article, I want to help you save yourself from these types of scams. There are real ways you can make money, go ahead and read this article to find out.

It takes real work and dedication to earn from the internet. Some people will just ignore this fact and go for the quick money. I think this is why people get scammed over and over again and sites like 4dollarclick pops up.

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