Ten Dollar Click PTC 10 Dollars for Click! Legit or Scam?

ptc-scamEarn 10 dollar for every single click, online money earning has never been so easy! It’s a like a PTC heaven. You know PTC is Paid To Click and you earn a small cut for every valid click you make.

But recently the whole world has fallen for earn ten dollar per click, thanks to sites like FinePTC and TenDollarClick. Now you can easily bank thousands of dollars in no time.

Wake up from the dream! I received a comment on my blog from a lady who asked me if FinePTC that pays $10 per click, scam or real? Later I received a phone call from a relative, who is also a reader of my blog asking the same question. (Much said about PTC here)

So I took some time to do the research and come up with a valid statement. Here’s what said in that call:

FinePTC is a scam because the model of paying $10 per click does not makes any sense. Who would pay you ten dollar for doing nothing? When PTC sites started their journey and paid $0.001 per click, that was reasonable to many, but $10 for one single click is not real.

Then again I did some research to see what the users are saying about the site? Many users have spent so many hours and have banked $10,000 or more in their account but they did not get paid. FinePTC and such sites will pay you after 60-90 days and this means 90 business days; and they do not respond to support ticket, they don’t have a forum. So every possible method to find out who these people are blocked.

So how they scam people?

These sites make money with their paid upgrades. You see with a free registration, you will click 10-15 ads a day. That means you are making virtually $100-$150 each day. Now they say if you upgrade your account to premium for a one time $25 charge, you will be able to click 25 ads or so per day. So you will feel it’s a good deal to earn maximum money by having a small upgrade fee. But they will never pay you a cent at all.

You won’t be able to file a dispute against the site because the time limit for filing one is 60 days, and this is why they have set 60 days time to send you money (they won’t)

Meet the cousin, Ten Dollar Click

Another website who joined the heist is TenDollarClick. They are just like FinePTC and they won’t pay. When one of my reader sent me a message on facebook, I learned about this.

I found a website that did some investigation on the site about different terms to make it flag as scam:

“Legit Sites believes that Ten Dollar Click is a scam. Below you will find our reasons for this and by clicking the image above you can see what PTC Investigations says about the site.

  • The site offers you $10.00 for every click you make. From experience and using common sense that is way too much and if they did pay then we would all be making money online easily instead of working.
  • The site is also unsustainable. The site offers offers potential advertisers 1000 hits on there website for $5.00 via there PTC Option. However for the site to be able to pay its members for these clicks they would need to make at least another $10000.00 so they can pay there members. Where is that going to be made from.
  • The site has no forum which can be a sign of a scam. Even though forums can get a lot of scam (if you don’t use anti bot mods) however they are a good place for members to share positive experiences and payment proofs. ~source: LegitSites.com

The bottom line about PTC websites

Online earning is not easy that you can just make a couple of clicks and bank thousands of dollars. It takes dedication and a good system to make it. Many people fall victim for PTC sites and sometimes these people do not want to try earning online at all. Not every PTC sites are scam but the reality is they are slow earners and at some point these websites shut down. If you are still interested in these type of easy earners, then check out PTC online earning sites here.

Over to you my friend, lets continue the discussion. If you are looking for real online earning sites, then check out this article.

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