Tips For Creating Outstanding Profile/ Portfolio At Odesk

odesk profile fix upInfo: Odesk is now Upwork. The website and the core functionalists are still the same with some design changes.

I’m a blogger and I also work at odesk as a freelance provider and I earn a good income as a freelancer. After writing posts on odesk, many of my friends joined odesk and I can say that by checking my odesk referrals page. Now everyday I receive questions about how to get a job on odesk and how to get things started? So I took a look at few profiles of the people who were referred by me, to see if they are doing it right? And I thought lets dedicate a post on how to create a better odesk profile.

Basic Info, Title and Profile Picture

People who show their face at their odesk profile, have more chance of getting work. You have to write your full name (better!) that appears on the top of your portfolio. After that the title text that describes yourself and what you’re providing in one line.

Now most people overlooks this factor, but you shouldn’t. The title can be optimized, so that you will appear higher on the search terms related to the service you are providing. Some lame titles I have seen like this one:

lame odesk profile titles

another one,

lame odesk profile titles 2

~I now know why you didn’t got any assignments yet! These types of unprofessional profile will not help you in online earning. Most providers event put symbols and other characters in their titles, just like we see in the text messages. If you put keywords in your title such as CSS/ JAVA/ MS Word/ Excel etc, then they will bring you much more attention and a professional feel. Take a look at this one,

good profile at odesk

~simple, to the point, professional and having a profile picture.

Hourly Rate at oDesk Profile

Hourly rate really matters and gives a clue on what’s the quality of this provider. Depending on your service, your hourly rate should be competitive. Take a look at other profiles and what they are charging. But don’t put something higher than the expected,

odesk high rate

Profile Overview

The overview is the place where you can put the detailed information about your work, experience and what you can provide. Try to summarize the whole description in 2-3 lines and put it in the top and then go on with a long details on each of the things.

Odesk Profile Skills

A good resume will have your skills, experience, description and samples. It’s better to show your skills related to the service you are providing; these tiny little things also help you appear on search results. When you take a test, pass it and put that on your profile, it will show a check-mark next to it. See how much this freelancer is earning per hour?

odesk tested skills

oDesk offers a range of tests on different services. If you are getting started, then take tests relevant to your job and buff up your profile. Most assignment requires specific test completions. The test results will show up on your profile as another qualification.

Certifications: Please provide if you have certificates

Employment History: If you have worked previously on anywhere else, then it’s a plus point for you to get assignments. Buyers love to hire people who have good work experience.

Portfolio Projects

Ahha! You can stun your clients with the projects you have already done. Show up your past work on your portfolio, add a screenshot, the web address, description and attachment (if any).. if you don’t have any past work, then you can show off the projects you done for yourself; if you have too many things to show, then only put the best work in your odesk portfolio.

odesk portfolio projects

Online Portfolio

Most buyers want to see an online portfolio/ work samples; so you can create your own custom portfolio on your own blog. ~I put my work samples, buyer feedbacks, what I’m providing and the way to contact me. You can also create a downloadable portfolio in DOC or PDF file.

Buff up Your Profile!

If you really are serious about getting work at odesk or any other site, then you have to take good care of your profile. Please remember, it’s not a facebook profile where you can put the things you want.. it’s your professional portfolio and you’re getting an access to connect with buyers from all around the world. If you’re new at this, then make your profile look heavy with work samples, test results and bio. Put IM and social media links so the buyer can get in touch with you. Apply on jobs and learn how to write a good cover letter.

Please do share this post in facebook, twitter or any other site you like; please do leave a comment and do ask me questions if you have any. If you’d like to work online, then join odesk!

If freelancing is not your thing then also check out some of the other online earning sites you can try.

Odesk is now Upwork, I will write an updated post on it soon. Till then, stay tuned!

upwork odesk

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